Children & Youth Case Manager

(Care Coordinator)

Our children and youth Care Coordinators (CC) work directly with children and their family unit. Visits with families occur in the child’s home, school, and community. A Care Coordinator’s primary task is to coordinate all aspects of a child’s care, including mental and somatic health care, dentistry, education, and social development. A Care Coordinator works with the child to develop new skills to promote positive social and coping skills across all settings.

The Care Coordinator also works directly with the child’s care givers to link the child and family to all appropriate community-based resources, secure basic needs (food, shelter, clothing), maintain mental and somatic health care appointments, and develop parenting skills. Clients and families are encouraged to become self-advocates in their treatment process as CCs work with them to development and update a plan of care with goals throughout ongoing care coordination services. CCs work with adolescent clients to help them obtain employment, prepare for the start of their careers, and navigate transitional times.  

Adult Case Manager

(Community Support Specialist)

The Community Support Specialist (CSS) works with adults who have a mental health diagnosis, in both their home and in the community, and assists the client in navigating transitional times. The CSS develops a care plan and works with the client to identify and outline the clients’ goals which will ultimately move them towards independence and self-sufficiency. Goals range from learning new life skills, connecting with an array of community-based services, securing supports for basic needs (food, shelter, clothing), obtaining employment, and maintaining both mental and somatic health care.

CSSs work primarily out in the communities with their clients. Our Community Support Specialists are a crucial part of helping their clients make true and long-lasting positive changes in their lives! 

Case management careers

Clinical Coordinator

PCMS Clinical Coordinators provide ongoing supervision to Community Support Specialists and Care Coordinators. Supervision includes daily and informal check-ins with staff, formal group supervisions each month, and in-the-field supervision with tailored guidance during client visits. The primary focus of the Clinical Coordinator’s role is staff development and chart audits. Clinical Coordinators develop trainings for staff based on the team and agency training needs. Clinical Coordinators must have a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling, or Psychology, hold a current Maryland License (LGPC, LCPC, LMSW, LCSW-C), and have at least 3 years’ experience in the mental health field. 

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Potomac Case Management supports a diverse workforce and is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate against individuals.  We provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital/familial status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic applicable under law. 

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