Parents Grow

A week ago we added a German Shepherd puppy to our family. Similarly to the birth our children it changed our routines drastically. Our routines were changed as we had to get up a few times throughout the night to take him out, feed him at certain times, and train him on what to do and not to do. Prior to bringing our puppy home we read a number of books and felt comfortable in regards to what we would be getting ourselves into. Things that we learned were that he would need comforting in the early days in the home, that a crate is a good thing, that he would need to be watched all the time, and puppy proofing the house and training was a necessity. As long as these foundational things were done and we continuously built on the foundation of learning we would have good experiences in the later years of development.

Our children are amazing gifts; we can all agree that in the early years of our children’s lives our lives were drastically changed as we adjusted to having a new life in our homes. We went out and bought carriers, cribs, the appropriate foods, and of course diapers. Needless to say as our children develop and grow we need to adjust to their development. What worked in the early years is not always needed any longer due to their development. As parents we must continually be adding new skills to our parenting tool box. We need to be continues learners so that we can teach and train our children grow in to healthy adults.

As you go throughout your day take some time and evaluate how you parent. Do you find yourself being like your parents; doing and saying the things that you said you would never do to your children? Do you find yourself parenting your 10 year old child the same way you parented him at 5; the result being more back talk, disrespect, and frustration. I would encourage you to add new trainings to your parenting toolbox. There is so much information out there that can help you as a parent. Become continuous learners and lay a foundation that will help your children become healthy adults. What you do now can influence generations to come.

David Rodriguez
Case Manager/Love and Logic Facilitator

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