My job allows me the gift to walk in the shoes of my client.  I am able to see every picture of a person’s life.  I meet with families in their homes.  I can connect a Mom with a food pantry or with meal planning to encourage better nutrition in her home.  I can teach and encourage effective parenting techniques.  I can meet with the child in school to help support staff.  I can help someone assess their need for public assistance and then apply.  I can accompany someone to a public housing or Social Security interview.  This allows for better communication between everyone involved.  It truly does take a community and the more we all work together the greater we all will be.

“Our case manager has been such a great help to our family. She is quick to find us resources when needed. Through the school visits that she does, I am able to be in contact with what’s going on in my boys school day. This is a great hurdle to have overcome. When we are having transportation issues, she helps us to get to our appointments.  She is an amazing person with a great positive personality that is contagious. Our family loves working with her. We thank Potomac Case Management for offering all of the services that they do. Our family is truly grateful.”

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