Mental Health Care Coordination

Mental Health Care Coordination  supports children and youth between the ages of birth through eighteen (Note: If a youth is already enrolled in case management services and turns 18 years of age, he can remain in youth case management until he is 21 years of age). This program is designed to provide the individual behavioral and mental health services.

Mental Health Care Coordination can be provided in the school and at home to incorporate a ‘team support system’ for the youth. While the behavioral and mental health issues are of prime importance, the case manager works to assist the family unit with daily living situations that may impede the youth’s ability to achieve their goals.

You might consider services if your child or youth is experiencing significant disruptions socially, academically or emotionally. A care coordinator serves as a mediator with the school, parents, and youth to promote positive outcomes. Supportive care coordination involvement encourages youth to complete their education or obtain a GED, locate a job, and seek community service opportunities. Care coordination builds upon the strengths of the child or youth, the family and the community.