Journey Life Care

Journey Life Care Program your Partner in Elder and Family Care planning services.

Our mission is to Join you and your family in developing a plan of care to ensure the best quality one can enjoy throughout Life’s Journey. We know Life situations change, through gradual decline; acutely, or without notice. Care Management, comprehensive health planning and coordination with physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors and elder law attorneys.
Geriatric Care Managers offer customized consultation and advice to each of our clients, helping them to make decisions that are appropriate for them, their family, their lifestyle and their future needs. Utilizing our professional backgrounds and expertise, we can assist with the following:
  • Perform an unbiased evaluation of the client’s medical, psychological, physical, social, financial and legal functioning through in-home assessment
  • Negotiate the complicated web of resources, enabling you to make decisions that are appropriate for you and/or your loved one without causing undue stress to the individual or family.
  • Maximize independence and autonomy.
  • Coordinate care and in home services, provide ongoing monitoring that promotes a proactive approach to care versus reactive approach that comes in the midst of crisis
  • Assist with hospital discharge to home.
  • Assist with long-term care options.
  • Assist with transition to/from long-term care, such as assisted living and nursing home
  • Offer ongoing visitation that may be helpful to implement the care plan and allow the GCM to determine whether or not the current care services are working.

Our goal is to walk by your side and assist you through advocacy, education and connection with community resources in order to optimize the quality of daily living for you or your loved one. Referrals are accepted from physicians, hospitals, long term care facilities, community agencies, families and individuals. For more information, phone Potomac Case Management Services, Inc. at 301-791-3087.