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The parent and family training program offered by Potomac Case Management is a fee based teaching series assisting parents in our community to improve their parenting and communication skills. We offer sessions that address parenting skill development for parents who have children from birth- young adulthood. Our facilitator provides classes for families, groups, and educators and has worked with Washington County Public Schools, Head Start of Washington County, Grace Academy, and the Department of Social Services Kinship Navigators.

Love and Logic®

Trusted for over 30 years, Love and Logic is a philosophy founded in 1977 by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D. It is the approach of choice among leading educators, parents, and other professionals worldwide.

Love and Logic® provides simple solutions and practical techniques to help parents with kids of all ages:

  • Raise responsible kids
  • Have more fun in their role
  • Easily and immediately (first use) change their children’s behavior

These parenting programs are designed to give you practical skills that can be used immediately!

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Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®

A seven module parenting program designed by the Love and Logic Institute.

Answers to:

  • How do I get them out of bed in time to catch the school bus?
  • How can I stop my children from bickering and fighting?
  • How do I get my children to help with the chores without an argument?
  • Is there a way to discipline my toddler in public without creating a scene?
  • How can I get my teenage daughter to come home at the agreed-upon time?
  • How do I get him to stop spitting his peas and whining at dinner?
  • And many other day-to-day parenting challenges…

Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™

A five module parenting program designed by the Love and Logic Institute.

Solutions to:

  • How to handle disruptions during meal times.
  • How to get children to stay in their own bed.
  • How to end temper tantrums.
  • How to discipline your toddler in public without creating a scene.
  • How to get children up and about in the mornings.
  • How to stop your children’s whining and bickering.
  • And many other day-to-day parenting challenges…

Active Parenting Now and Active Parenting Teens

A six session parenting program designed by Active Parenting Publishers. Dr. Michael Popkin founder and president of the organization is one of the foremost experts on parent education, shows you how to develop courage, responsibility and character in your children. He also explains positive discipline and communication techniques that help families run more smoothly. Millions of parents have used this “active” approach to raise courageous, cooperative children.

Topics covered in this curriculum:

  • How to build courage and character in your children.
  • Effective, nonviolent discipline skills.
  • Why children misbehave and how to redirect them.
  • Three styles of parenting…and why only one of them works.
  • How to deal with issues such as drugs, sexuality and violence.
  • Natural and Logical Consequences.
  • Coping with Bullies
  • Problem-solving in groups.
  • How to hold family meetings.

David Rodriguez

Operations Director

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Potomac Case Management accepts referrals from parents, primary care physicians, mental health providers, Washington county schools, head start programs, the department of social services, licensed day care providers and community partners.
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