Support, A Case Manager’s Experience

I have been working with a client since I began at PCMS who presented with extreme anxiety. As we got to know one another we built a therapeutic relationship as well as trust and understanding that enabled us to work together effectively. She refused to set up a primary care provider appointment because she admittedly would not go.  She felt that going through whatever pain or discomfort she was feeling would be easier to handle than her anxiety about going to the doctor. Finding a primary care provider that made her feel comfortable and was accessible to her was paramount we found one that was in the same building as the PCMS offices, and attending that appointment with her to provide distraction techniques and coordinating with her therapist, she attended her first primary care provider appointment. Last week, she texted me telling me that she was feeling unwell and not only called her doctor and scheduled an appointment, but she attended the appointment independently. This is the reason I love what I do–to see the positive change and growth in everyone with whom I work. Soon, she will not need PCMS, and that will be bittersweet, but I am confident that she will continue to be successful in her recovery.

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