“Teens and Technology”

As a parent I have tried to establish a strong and healthy relationship with my children with a key component being communication. This past week at a family event we jokingly discussed the things that our children will do that many times we will not know about until after the fact. Even though we may think all is good between our children and us it is still very important to be proactive and involved in our kids life. I can recall a number of conversations with parents where a parent felt as though they new what their children were doing until something was found online. A number of weeks ago I attended a workshop on “Cyber Bullying” I found some amazing resources that I wanted to pass on. These resources would be healthy for parents to watch and encourage their children to watch as well. Some of them are very compelling to say the least. For today’s blog I will pass on   “6 Degrees of Information” and “Your Photo Fate”  . You can find more resources on www.netsmartz.org.

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